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Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

One of the amazing things about this gym is fact that I was a shy teenage girl with no experience and they made me feel comfortable with as an absolute beginner. Something that separates Westside’s grappling program is the fact that it has an amazing Judo program with 3 judo Black Belts, Catch Wrestling, & a ton of BJJ Black Belts. Training here is like training at 3 separate grappling gyms! The amount of coaches is astounding. Did I mention there beginner BJJ classes are amazing too?

Hilary Williams

Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

I was really looking for a way to get in shape, at 340lbs I just felt my life was passing me by. I started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Westside and enjoyed it so much I later added the kickboxing classes to my schedule. Because of the personal attention and quality of this gym I was able to win some big matches as well as change my life for the better.

I’m proof that anyone can do this, I had no intentions of becoming a competitor and even if I never competed I would have still needed a program like this to learn how to defend myself

Kevin Sniff

Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

My son Nick and I started training at Westside MMA and really enjoy the training. The beginners program was perfect for us, especially when we were just starting out, we still do those classes as well from time to time! If you’re looking for something fun to do and looking for a place to meet new friends then you should definitely take advantage of the free trial and try out a class.

Brian Bell

Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

Roli is the man! Training at Westside was an amazing experience! There was a great vibe, everybody’s cool and professional. I really respect their dedication for material arts and how far they’ve come. I follow their philosophy, as they have achieved top ranks in the sport, a level of success which any athlete would want to reach.

Marcel Goncalves

Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

The Jiu jitsu program at Westside MMA is amazing. I have been there twice and I always tell people that these guys train with A LOT of heart! I can’t wait to train there again! Aside from being great grapplers, these are really good people!” In 2012 I plan on returning again and staying a while. Maybe even train MMA with the team and do some fights representing WESTSIDE MMA!

Master Pimenta

Kids Martial Arts West Little Rock

I love these guys, I trained at Westside MMA. Teaching the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and also learning leg locks and Judo. I did a Judo tournament while I was there with the Judo team and won all 5 of my matches by Ippon (perfect throw) I achieved my green belt in Judo at Westside! I also improved my boxing and wrestling as well as made great friends. You can become a champion at that gym!

Marcio Oleivera

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