Bruno Cesar de Souza, Martial Arts Instructor

Bruno Cesar de Souza



Bruno Cesar is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and started training in martial arts in 2005. A black belt in kickboxing, Bruno decided to pursue a career in MMA. His coach, Marcelo Marinho encouraged him to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in preparation for MMA. There in Anchieta, Rio de Janeiro, Bruno met his coach Andre Freitas and fell in love with Brazilian jiu jitsu. In 2016, Bruno came to the United States as a brown belt to train and compete, placing third at the IBJJF No-Gi Pan American Championship. In 2017, Bruno returned to the United States, this time to Russellville, AR to train and compete. He began training with GFTeam Arkansas and formed friendships here that he could not forget. In 2018, Bruno returned to the U.S., landing in Boston, Massachusettes. He has traveled all over the United States, competing, building lifelong friendships, and sharing his love and knowledge of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as often as possible and to as many as possible. He is currently a black belt under Andre Freitas and Denilson Pimenta. Bruno currently lives in West Little Rock, with his family.

MMA Record 3-0


Brown Belt

  • IBJJF International Masters and Seniors, Rio de Janeiro – 3rd place
  • IBJJF Belo Horizonte Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF No-Gi Pan American Championship, New York City – 3rd place


Brown Belt

  • IBJJF Pan American Championship, Irvine, CA – 2nd place
  • IBJJF Chicago Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF Atlanta Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF Dallas Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF American National Championship, Las Vegas, NV – 1st place
  • IBJJF Austin Summer Open – 1st place, weight, 2nd place absolute
  • NAGA St. Louis, MO – 1st place


Black Belt

  • IBJJF Washington D.C. Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF Boston Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF Dallas Spring Open – 1st place
  • IBJJF New York Pro – 3rd place
  • IBJJF Boston Summer Open – 1st place
  • Fight2Win Pro Champion, Bridgeport, CT
  • IBJJF Dallas Fall Open – 2nd place
  • IBJJF Nashville Fall Open – 2nd place
  • IBJJF No-Gi Worlds, Anaheim, CA – 2nd place

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