MOLLY BROWN, Martial Arts Instructor

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Molly started training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2016 as a way to meet new people and find a fitness outlet after a move to a new city. Molly had a rough start with jiu jitsu- she much preferred her Muay Thai classes but her coach pushed her to keep training and she found her niche in BJJ with competition. Throughout the past three years, Molly has competed at every opportunity. Notably, Molly won gold at the 2017 CBJJO Pan American Championship in Rio de Janeiro. She has trained in Oklahoma City, Baltimore, San Diego, Rio de Janeiro, and Boston, and is finally firmly planted here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Molly has a passion for sharing her love for the sport to anyone who will listen and for sharing her knowledge on the mat. She received her blue belt in May of 2017 from Paulo Augusto in San Diego. Off the mat, Molly enjoys running, traveling, and playing the piano. She works in Interventional Radiology at Baptist Health. Molly and Bruno live in West Little Rock with their cat, Harry.

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