ROLANDO DELGADO, Martial Arts Instructor

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Coach Roli Delgado is a veteran of the UFC and Bellator fighting championships is also a professional jiujitsu competitor. Aside from his accomplishments as a competitor, he made a name for himself as a coach in Jiu Jitsu with American female Black Belt World Champion Hillary Williams, who achieved major titles in just 4 short years -- including receiving her black belt.

Additionally he pioneered a highly successful jiujitsu instructional app called and co-created Illegal Leg Locks with Sambo National Champion Vlad Koulikov. Roli still teaches 90% of the grappling classes at Westside, and he's also a medalist at the Worlds and Pan level in the Master's division for BJJ.

In addition to being a great coach, Roli is a great real estate agent, for more info visit

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