Zain Saleemuddin, Martial Arts Instructor

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Zain Saleemuddin

Zain’ main grappling foundation is built from wrestling since 2014. It’s has been his greatest asset in Gi and No Gi jiu jitsu. In his high school years he has achieved All- State and All-Conference standings in the state of Arkansas. He has still been a student of the sport since graduating, and helped volunteer coaching at his alma mater, Little Rock Central High. He has also gained coaching experience serving as a team manager for the first D1 wrestling program in the state at UA Little Rock. Zain’s journey still continues as a competitor alongside the Westside team, with a national podium standing under his belt. He preaches mindset and technicality to mold an unstoppable athlete and individual.
Aside from the passion of coaching and training, Zain is also in pursuit of his Master’s degree in Biomedical Informatics and hopes to grow in the healthcare field.

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